Tudela, a place to live

Tudela offers great quality of life. The dimensions of the town, its horizontal distribution and location, allow at the same time enjoy a natural environment and a wide range of cultural, health and educational offer. Tudela has a social and political stability.

Basic services

  • The supply of basic services highlights the importance of Tudela in its area of influence.
  • The location of the Reina Sofía Hospital in Tudela promotes public access to specialized care. More information
  • Tudela has great sports facilities such as indoor swimming pools, 2 Council sports centres, football field areas, etc. More information
  • Tudela has a wide and qualified eduactional offer, public and private
  • Multilingual education is established at early education stages and maintained throughout all stages.

Trade in Tudela

  • Tudela has great commercial importance throughout its area of influence
  • The retail trade is characterized by its quality and personalized attention, and municipal interest to collaborate with it.
  • Trade is present in town activities through exhibitions and competitions, such as the "Fair Collectibles, Antiques and Crafts" or "Windows competition" among others
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Environment and sustainability

  • Among the objectives framed in the municipal action plan is the preservation of the value of natural resources exploitation and consumption control.
  • Developed in projects in the following fields: as promoting bike use, development of environmental infrastructure or pipeline spills.
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Tudela's Turism

  • Tudela is located at a point of special interest being a gateway to the Natural Park of the Bardenas, and place of departure to visit the Despoblado of Rada, walled area of great interest, or tour the Tarazonica's Greenway.
  • It is included within the Network of Jewish Quarters in Spain, Sefarad and Sephardic tourist routes and crossing point Jacobean Route Camino del Ebro
  • Monuments of civil and religious architecture of great historical interest are located in the town, including the XXII century Cathedral.
  • The cuisine is famous for its excellent local vegetables such as artichokes, asparagus, lettuce hearts and cardoons, being the star dish vegetable stew. In spring the Days of exaltation of vegetables are celebrated, and from November to January Inverdura is celebrated, with diverse cultural, gastronomic acts and the collaboration of recognized restaurants that offer specialized menus in winter vegetables.
  • In 2011, it managed to enter the Guinness World records for the world's largest vegetable stew.
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Citizen services

  • The service citizens of the town of Tudela's mission is to provide the information, procedures and services throughout the town and municipality demanded by citizens. It can be made on-line, by phone or in person
  • In November 2010, the Government of Navarra awarded Tudela with the IV Quality Public Services Award SAC Town of Tudela, on the management of the comments, complaints and suggestions, emphasizing quality management and continuous improvement in the relationship of the City Hall with its citizens and users
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Plaza Vieja s/n 31500 Tudela - Navarra. Tel. +34 948 417100 industria@tudela.es
Ayuntamiento de Tudela