Competitive business environment

Tudela has competitive industrial estates


  • The town of Tudela, through the Department of Industry and Employment, promotes entrepreneurship by providing services and infrastructure to support the development of business activity in the area, through the Center for Counselling services, diagnosis, monitoring economic incentives to companies.

  • The physical proximity of all the economic, social, political and cultural aspects of the town makes the possibility of interaction between them, creating synergies, streamlining the environment and facilitating dialogue.

Industrial estates

The town has four public industrial estates (Polígono Municipal, Las Labradas, Montes del Cierzo y el Polígono de Actividades Económicas), and two private industrial estates (Centro de Servicios y La Barrena).

  • Polígono industrial municipal.
  • Polígono Las Labradas
  • Polígono Montes de Cierzo.
  • Polígono actividades económicas
The sales prices of industrial land have remained for years to facilitate access to new industries.

The average sale price of industrial land in Polígono Montes de Cierzo is 12,19 €/m2.

Business incubators

The City of Tudela, in collaboration with the Government of Navarra, has launched two incubators, designed to accommodate newly established entities or not formally constituted, for innovative or high growth potential in its business model.

The Business incubators are mainly aimed at encouraging the emergence and growth of new companies containing an innovative component in its business model. For this reason, each company has customized technical support necessary for their growth and consolidation in the market with access to specific resources and assistance to achieve this. And all this, at a lower cost than the rental market.

Agrobusiness City

  • Agrobusiness City of Tudela (CAT) is a national and international technological reference to improve the sector's competitiveness and promote agro-industrial new generation products and processes. The Central Common Infrastructure (CIC) is the energetic heart of the CAT. It is an innovative project unique in the world, which is the centralized production and energy supply companies to be installed in the modern business park
  • The purpose of the CIC is to avoid investment in facilities of each company
  • Thanks to this innovative system are obtained savings of up to 15% in energy consumption costs
  • Synergies are sought in all processes and services, so that energy efficiency is over 70%

Grants and subsidies

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