Educational provision is characterized by its specialization and adaptation to the needs of area businesses

Tudela companies can access the services of technology centers located in the community of Navarre and participate in business development cluster

  • Tudela City Council beginning in 2009 its commitment to quality, using strategic planning tools: manual planning, CMI (balanced scorecard), Strategic Plan of Tudela PEC 2030, Area Management Plans, and as key point, the Municipal Action Plan of Tudela (PAM 2015-2019), driven by a Committee with the presence of major socio-economic actors in the area.
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The City Council of Tudela is the only consistory of Navarra recognized with the award for Commitment to Excellence 300 + by the Navarra Foundation for Excellence.

  • There is an agreement of collaboration between Tudela Hall, Government of Navarra and UNED Tudela through Quality Chair "Ciudad de Tudela" in order to provide technical support for promoting strategic projects of Municipal Management

The UNED quality chair "Ciudad de Tudela" is defined to "be a reference quality management systems of networks".

  • It is the only chair located outside the headquarters of the Open University and is accredited by ANECA for quality system certification of the partner of UNED in Spain.
  • UNED Tudela has reached the seal of excellence +500 and awarded Navarre Excellence Award 2014 in the category of public and private nonprofit entities in recognition of the work done to improve their management through models of excellence.

QInnova Technology Center.

  • qInnova develops projects of quality management software for the UNED (Lifelong Learning, University Extension, Summer Courses, courses and cultural activities, UNED Senior, etc..)