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Tudela is the head of the district of La Ribera and Merindad of Tudela, located at the south of Navarre on the banks of the River Ebro and at the mouth of its tributary Queiles, which runs through the town.


Tudela is the second largest town in the Region of Navarre

  • Population: 35.170
  • Area: 215,7 km2
  • Altitude: 263 m

Geographical Location

The geographical location and its excellent location with the rest of Spain , France , Italy and Portugal , place Tudela as a strategic location for the location of production plants and distribution to supply the domestic and European markets.

Within a radius of 300 km are the most important cities nationwide such as Madrid , Barcelona , Valencia , Zaragoza , Bilbao and major cities in southern France , Toulouse , Montpellier and Perpignan.

  • Pamplona: 95 km
  • Zaragoza: 83 km
  • Logroño: 91 km
  • Soria: 91 km
  • Madrid: 348 km
  • Barcelona: 393 km


Tudela is located at the southern tip of Navarre, in the region of the Ribera Baja, on the banks of the river Ebro and in a great location because it's a traditional access point to Castile and Aragon, and to the north of Spain and France.

As geostrategic core has advanced infrastructure and communication technologies.

  • It has the first Intermodal Station of Spain and the AVE is planned to stop in Tudela.
  • By road it is connected by highway with Zaragoza, Logroño, Bilbao and Pamplona, still under construction motorway of Madrid.
  • By rail there is communication with Zaragoza, Logroño and Pamplona, still under construction AVE.
  • There are three airports within 100 km away.
  • Regarding maritime connections, is located two hours from Port of Bilbao with access to the Atlantic and three hours away from Mediterranean ports considered fundamental by the European Commission: Valencia, Tarragona and Barcelona.

Tudela is part of the trans-European transport network

  • The Mediterranean Corridor is the beginning of a major axis that crosses southern France, northern Italy, Slovenia and Hungary.
  • The Atlantic-Mediterranean Corridor that will connect these two great routes.
  • The Central Corridor that runs the Iberian Peninsula from north to south.


Tudela has 35,170 inhabitants as of 19th May 2016, with a population density of 163.01 inhabitants per km2, making it an ideal place to live compared to larger cities and more densely populated.

  • In the period 2009-2016, the population in the town of Tudela had an upward trend estimated at 1,3%.
  • The foreign population represents 12,3% of the total and has led to an increase of workforce.

Infrastructure and Telecommunications

Natural gas

  • Industrial and domestic use
Electric power
  • Transmission lines of 380-220 and 66 KW high voltage with substations.
Alternative energies
  • Wind farms Montes de Cierzo I and II with a total installed capacity of 59.5 MW.
  • 1.2 MW Solar plant with energy storage system, the first installed in Europe.
  • Tudela and other surrounding municipalities distinguished by the degree of development and implementation of new technologies and their associated infrastructure.
  • In Tudela are available access technologies by LMDS, ADSL and SHDSL, and cable access FC access networks and high-capacity satellite.
Plaza Vieja s/n 31500 Tudela - Navarra. Tel. +34 948 417100
Ayuntamiento de Tudela